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ANT Tutorial

ANT Tutorial

shape Introduction

ANT tutorial gives an overview about
  • ANT
  • Requirements for learning ANT
Apache ANT is a java build tool. ANT is released by Apache to build JAVA applications easily. When working on large scale projects, there will be a number of tasks to be deployed and published every-time, which wastes a lot of time. Here, ANT makes use of commands (consisting of XML files) to control these several tasks. It is possible to extend with other languages as long as they have JAVA bindings, but in reality, most people use JAVA to extend ANT.

Before Beginning

shape Requirements

Apache Ant Tutorial gives a clear idea about how to automate projects in an easy way by using the Ant tool. But before learning, it is better to have an idea about:
  • Java programming.
  • NetBeans IDE, as this tutorial is demonstrated using NetBeans.
  • Command Window configured with ANT.


shape Key Points

  • Apache ANT is released by Apache Software Foundation.
  • ANT automates large projects to small tasks.