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shape Introduction

The Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC), a constitutional body, established under Article 315 of Constitution of India was formed on June 2, 2014. Created by the Constitution of India, TSPSC is primarily responsible for recruiting aspirants for civil services jobs in the Indian state of Telangana based on the merits of the applicants, the recruitment exams and the rules of reservation. TSPSC ensures a smooth and efficient functioning of the Government of Telangana by recruiting eligible candidates for various Government posts.

shape Formation

The official website of TSPSC was launched on 11 April 2015, by governor E. S. L. Narasimhan. Ghanta Chakrapani was appointed as the first chairman for TSPSC, who is a professor at Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University.
TSPSC Description
Formation 2014
Type Constitutional Body
Purpose Recruitment
Location Prathibha Bhavan, M.J.road, Nampally, Hyderabad 500001,Telangana
Region Served Telangana
Website TSPSC

shape History

  • Telangana State Public Service Commission is the youngest Public Service Commission in the country.

  • Hyderabad State was one of the prominent princely State in India and inherits over 400 years of rich tradition and culture with unparalleled grace and historical significance. The system of selecting young talent for public services through a process of selection was in vogue in the Hyderabad State since the period of Mir Mahaboob Ali Pasha, VI Nizam (1869-1911).

  • Hyderabad Civil Service Committee was established by the 1919 Firman and the Hyderabad Public Service Commission was established by a Firman on 27 April 1947 emulating the model of British Provincial Public Service Commission with a Chairman and Members not exceeding four in number.

  • The establishment of the Commission was a significant landmark during the Asaf Jahi rule and brought the entire administrative machinery of civil services of the Nizam's State in tune with the modern times and Hyderabad Civil Service was considered a coveted and elite service in those days.

  • The Telangana State Public Service Commission, endowed with such rich legacy of over 150 years of recruiting young talent through selection, shall endeavour to make use of this heritage for selecting the best talents in Telangana for reconstruction and resurrecting the glorious past of Telangana.

shape Hierarchy

Telangana State Public Service Commission is headed by the Chairman with three additional members, all appointed by the Governor of Telangana. As of August 2018 the Commission consists of a Chairman and 7 members. The names of the members are:
  1. Shri Prof Ghanta Chakrapani (Chairman)

  2. Shri C.Vittal (Member)

  3. Smt Dr.Banoth Chandravathi(Member)

  4. Shri Dr. Mohd. Mateenuddin Quadri (Member)

  5. D Krishna Reddy (Member)

  6. Dr.K.Rammohan Reddy (Member)

  7. Prof. Sailu Chintha (Member)

  8. Sri B.Manmadha Reddy (Member)

shape Functions

One of the primary functions of the Commission is to select the best suitable candidates for various Government Posts in Telangana State. Important statutory functions of the Commission are:

  • Direct Recruitment

  • Approval of Statutory Rules relating to State and Subordinate Services

  • Concurrence for Compassionate Appointments in Special Cases

  • Recruitment by Transfer / Promotion

  • Disciplinary Cases

  • Conduct of Departmental Examinations to State Government Employees

  • Half Yearly Examinations

  • Temporary Appointments - Concurrence of the Commission