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MongoDB Introduction

Chapter 1

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MongoDB Introduction

MongoDB Introduction

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The chapter demonstrate about MongoDB Introduction, MongoDB is the most popular and fastest growing NoSQL database. Database is the heart of most internet and enterprise applications. The demand for fast application development has brought some extra technical features to the database, broadly termed as NoSQL Database.

Mongo DB is a main NoSQL Database and is an open source software. MongoDB is created in C++, Language that gives programmed scaling, high execution and high availability. In MongoDB, NoSQL means versus relational databases and when it get connected the Mongo server is up and start running.

The Mongo database will connect to the database by manipulating some data from the database. The main terminology in this technology is to understand the concept of NoSQL and MongoDB versus relational databases. The relational database stores the data in terms of rows and tables. The misalignment application layer objects to tables and rows is called as impedance mismatch.

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  • Relational database – Is a digital database which is based on Relational model.
  • MongoDB – Is a document database which is scale able and flexible.

Document Database

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The MongoDB is a database server that contain records and a record itself is said to be a document. This document contain the structure of information that is made up of esteems and field sets. The JSON objects contains same information as of Mongo documents. The estimations of fields may incorporate different reports, exhibits, and varieties of archives.

name: “James”,
age: 26,
status: “A”,
groups: [“news”,”sports”]

Here name, age, status, group are the  field components and James, 26, A and [news, sports] are the components of values.

Key features

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The key features of MongoDB are as follows:


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  • MongoDB – Is an open source database application.
  • Document Database – Stores the data in terms of columns and rows.