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AWT Tutorial

Chapter 1

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AWT Tutorial

AWT Tutorial

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AWT Tutorial gives an overview about the GUI Programming.

AWT Tutorial chapter explains GUI Programming in a simple way to both the beginners as well as software professionals. By the end of AWT Tutorial chapter, good knowledge of the GUI language can be gained.

Abstract Window Toolkit(AWT) has a set of libraries that can be helpful in making graphics for gaming products, banking services, educational purposes and many more.



The main drawback of using AWT is that AWT Components appear in a different manner when they are used in different operating systems. GUI uses the Event Dispatch Thread to run these components and assign all the background processes to the main thread.


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Before going to learn AWT, one should have knowledge of
  • JAVA Programming
  • Text Editor
  • Executing Programs.


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  • JAVA AWT is used in GUI Programming.
  • AWT is easy to learn and understand.